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On a Special Legislative Session to Address Bail Reform

“Albany’s cashless bail ‘reform’ continues to make New York perilously unsafe for our families and for law enforcement. Law-abiding New Yorkers have watched in horror as violence has spread throughout our communities and innocent victims have been attacked. And worst of all, repeat offenders get to walk away scott-free. This is because of the pro-criminal, broken bail reform law that Pete Harckham and his friends in the Political Ruling Class crafted in Albany.

New Yorkers of all backgrounds are calling for change. Even the Democrat Mayor of New York City is calling for a special legislative session to address bail reform. But the Governor and One-Party-Rule refuses to keep people safe.

Where is Pete Harckham on all of this? Why won’t he stand up for our brave men and women in law enforcement and the innocent victims?

I will always be on the side of the law-abiding citizens of the Hudson Valley. That’s why I am calling on my opponent, Senator Pete Harckham, to demand a special session to repeal bail reform. If he doesn’t, then his silence on this issue would speak volumes.

We must restore common sense and public safety to our state”


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