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Peter Harkcham Refuses to Speak Out Against Dirty Deal That Gave $637

Million No-Bid Contract to Top Hochul Donor & Fleeced Taxpayers for Twice the Price of Covid Tests

SOMERS, NY – Candidate for State Senate Gina Arena today blasted her

opponent Peter Harckham for staying silent on Governor Hochul’s massive pay-to-play

corruption scam that gave a $637 million no-bid contract to her top donor.

A series of news reports have detailed numerous instances of Hochul’s pay-to-play,

including a corrupt deal that was done after she reauthorized her emergency powers to

circumvent the normal procurement process and awarded a $637 million no-bid

contract to a company whose owners and family members donated $300,000 to the

governor and held a fundraiser for her campaign. The contract was given to Digital

Gadgets, a company known for selling hoverboards through QVC, for COVID tests that

were sold to New York for twice the amount of what the state of California paid.

Peter Harckham stayed silent as the governor repeatedly renewed her emergency

powers and on the kickback schemes that have put Hochul under fire from even other


“For more than two years, Peter Harckham has abdicated his constitutional duty to provide legislative oversight and handed over unchecked power to the corrupt Cuomo-Hochul regime. This is one of the most brazen schemes in our state’s history that has robbed taxpayers of millions and millions of dollars. Residents across our district are concerned about this corrupt deal, yet Peter is nowhere to be found. It is clear that Peter Harckham is complicit and we will never clean up Albany unless we change who represents us,” said Gina Arena, State Senate Candidate for SD-40.

Since Gina Arena announced her bid for State Senate, she has been vocal of her

concerns of the unilateral emergency powers the Governor still had – which allowed

Hochul to avoid the competitive state bidding process and Comptroller oversight. Gina

Arena called for a full investigation into this pay-to-play scandal on September 16th. At

the time, Gina Arena said, “Scandal has plagued Albany for years. Like you, I’ve had

enough. I am officially calling for an investigation into this pay-to-play scandal.

Taxpayers of the Hudson Valley deserve the full story and full accountability.”



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