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Republican Gina Arena: Democratic Supermajority Trying to Sweep their Corruption Under the Rug

As a Political Favor to Governor Kathy Hochul and Albany’s Ruling Class,

Senator Pete Harckham Shamefully Voted for the “Brian Benjamin Bail Out Bill”

SOUTH SALEM, NY - Gina Arena, candidate for State Senate (SD-42), today blasted Senator Pete Harckham for supporting a controversial piece of legislation in Albany yesterday.

"Yesterday, Pete Harckham did the bidding of failed Governor Kathy Hochul by voting to remove her indicted lieutenant governor from the ballot in hopes of hiding the truth from the voters. Rather than working to make taxpayers' lives better by providing much-needed tax relief, easing pain at the pump, improving our schools, and repealing the dangerous cashless bail law, Pete Harckham chooses to spend his time in Albany helping his party sweep their corruption under the rug. In a close vote, Pete Harckham had a chance to stand up for Hudson Valley values, instead he continued his behavior of voting for back-room-deals by Albany’s Ruling Class," said Gina Arena, candidate for the State Senate (SD-42).

Known as the “Brian Benjamin Bail Out Bill,” the new law changes the rules of the current election – in the middle of the election process – to help Governor Kathy Hochul remove her indicted, arrested-on-corruption ex-Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin from the primary ballot. The law allows the Governor to hand-pick another Lieutenant Governor and replace Benjamin on the primary ballot, subverting the democratic petitioning process.

In an unprecedented change in the rules mid-game, the controversial, politically-motivated legislation has drawn a bi-partisan chorus of criticism, and is largely seen as a political favor to Governor Hochul. Senator Pete Harckham voted “Yes” on the bill.


Gina Arena is running for New York Senate in district 42 (formally district 40). Gina Arena was born and raised in Westchester, and grew up in Bedford, then Pound Ridge and Vista. She and her husband Jim have lived in Purdys for the past 34 years. Being a working mom with eight children (ages 15 to 32), Gina knows the importance of balancing work and family while volunteering in the community. Gina is running to represent everyone in the 42nd Senate District, and to make New York a safer, stronger and more affordable place to live, work and raise a family. To learn more visit:



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