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Peter Harckham and the Senate Democrats passed congestion pricing in 2019.


Now, the MTA – empowered by Albany – is planning a $23 tax on vehicles that enter Manhattan. This is nothing more than a TAX on suburban commuters from the Hudson Valley.


We have already been dealing with surging Inflation, pain at the gas pumps, an economy in shambles, and New York City struggling to recover. Yet this is the plan from the Albany-empowered bureaucrats: A giant commuter tax on YOU.


With rising costs of everything and public safety completely eroded, Albany Politicians have made driving a car unaffordable and riding public transportation unsafe. What choice are New Yorkers left with?


Senator Harckham has FAILED to do anything about this.   In fact, he VOTED for it. 


Let's show the Political Ruling Class that we’ve had enough of the rising costs of EVERYTHING. Let’s show them we want to commute to work in NYC without breaking the bank. Let’s show them that we want to be able to provide for our families.

Sign my petition below to REJECT the Congestion Pricing TAX:

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